ResoAMS – Attendance Mobile App Released.



Have a workforce that’s always on the move? Need more accurate time keeping records that confirm where and when your employees are?

We’ve got a solution for you. Employees can log their hours while working remotely. Let us handle attendance tracking for you.

With a Cloud-based Administration Panel accessible from anywhere, It is easy to set up and easy to customize. It’s designed for your business – regardless of what you do.

Staff can clock in/out on their own devices using their own login credentials or Supervisor can also mark attendance foe their staff.

Attendance Can be marked using 3 different options, either by scanning QR Code or Bar Code, or by taking a selfie.

Geographical locations are captured along with the date and time and sent to server.

Staff can choose which project they’re working for before checking in. You will know exactly how many hours has been spent on particular project.

Now you can verify that remote-based workers are where they should be when they record their work hours.

Save time and money by automating your attendance tracking. With live reports available at your fingertips, payroll management becomes a breeze.


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