Without Successful Strategic BI, a company runs the risk of making critical decisions based on insufficient or inaccurate information.

Making decisions based on “gut feel” will not get the job done!

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The world around us is changing. Data is embedded in everything, and users from all lines of business want to leverage this data to influence decisions. The trick is to create a culture for pervasive analytics and empower the business to use data everywhere.

Our Business Process Automation Services could save you time, effort, and money, as we build a custom solution fitting your business needs which help you achieve your organizational goals fast and with the least errors.



Resonant IT offers you the best automated business process approach, which makes you a good observer of all your business’ items, and ensures you that there is no room for mistakes or minimize!

It will also give you an insight into who gets their job done properly and who didn’t, and who is in need for a helping hand to handle the load. Therefore, you could get the best of your employees and achieve your business goals.

Advantages :

  • Simplify operations and Improve your performance
  • Reduce work cycle and increase efficiency
  • Enhance business reliability and accuracy
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs

It’s time to kick-start your big data strategy!


  • Get Deeper Insights in Business
  • Optimize Cash Flow and Increase Profitability
  • Increase Flexibility and Agility
  • Improve Productivity and Efficiency
  • Enhance Team Sharing and Collaboration
  • Streamline Budgeting and Planning
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Analyze Data in Business Meaningful Way
  • Enforce Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve Productivity and Efficiency




IT departments across every industry and size are adopting an enterprise data hub to revolutionize data engineering, data discovery, and serving online and real time data applications.

Can you be the driving force for creating a pervasive analytics culture in your company?

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The future of global competition is data-driven decision making. As more and more organizations depend on analytics for competitive advantage, those using Business Intelligence applications will find themselves at the top of their game.

Our best-in-class applications help you mobilize all of your business intelligence (BI) to improve decision making at every level by pushing detailed and historical data and advanced analytics to front-line decision makers.

The ability to utilize and analyze data provides the business with the intelligence it needs to enable both strategic and operational decisions to be made.

Business Intelligence (BI) can help an organization effectively measure its business strategy through well defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), integrated data and accurate information.

Our talent pool of experienced consultants combine their BI expertise with relevant technologies to increase your organization’s ability to:

  • Drive business improvement
  • Provide information that reinforces the business strategy
  • Provide consistent reporting and information sharing
  • Standardize data
  • Improve data quality




Access, aggregate, and enrich data from any source into one view. Improve resource allocation.  Data Integration is the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information.





Explore data using search; uncover insights from all the data available to you. Reduce time to insight. Data discovery is a business intelligence (BI) process for creating and using interactive reports and exploring data from multiple sources.





Detect in real-time patterns impacting your market position and bottom line.Cut costs. Smart data are all about value, they go hand in hand with big data analytics.



Quickly Identify and Respond to Business Trends

Whether tracking customer buying habits, inventory turns, or other sales and/or operational parameters, any and all of these areas are more readily evaluated and employed in the business decision-making process when coherent and consistent BI tools are available.

As it turns out, the graphical nature of most BI tools provide for easy access and demand attention to the most useful trends.

Empowered Staff Using Timely, Meaningful Information and Trend Reports

The dynamic nature of the BI tools propagates a more highly informed management staff, making more highly informed and empowered decisions. If proper care is taken during the design and deployment phase, these valuable decision-making tools will be available to all levels of the organization.

Aggregation of Company Data

One of the most useful inherent characteristics of a strategic BI implementation is the purposeful aggregation of company data. Because of this focused compendium of functional area information, the generation of meaningful and powerful reporting is almost automatic. In those cases where manual and specific report generation is required, the presentation of data and simple connectivity to useful tools makes report generation simplicity itself.


Easily Create In-Depth Financial, Operations, Customer, and Vendor Reports


Efficiently View, Manipulate, Analyze, and Distribute Reports

BI systems do not require linkage or association with advanced and expensive computer software. Existing tools such as Microsoft Office can be readily employed.

Extract Summaries

Extract Up-to-the-Minute High-Level Summaries, Account Groupings, or Detail Transactions

Because of the inherent, organizational features users end up with access to pertinent, focused information exactly suited to their specific needs. Additionally, the information available is custom fit to those decisions that need to be made and on a most timely basis.

Data Consolidation 

Consolidate Data from Multiple Companies, Divisions, and Databases

Consolidation and aggregation are the dual capstones of BI. Without implementing BI strategy, fiscal budget could take nine months. With BI in place, we did the first pass on our budget in about seven weeks.

Cut-Down Manual Repetitive work

Minimize Manual and Repetitive Work

Administrative tasks are necessary in non-BI environments due to data disparity and nonaligned data systems. Once BI in place, it will facilitate a very different orientation to the everyday tasks of data accumulation and processing.