Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrades

Resonant IT offers ‘end-to-end’ Dynamics CRM Upgrade Services for business enterprises and organizations, who are planning to upgrade their existing Dynamics CRM version. Our Dynamics CRM Upgrade Support empowers businesses to grab the advantage of the latest features added in the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We help our clients to utilize all the added capabilities of Dynamics CRM solution for maintaining healthy customer relationships.

Our assets include an in-house team of Microsoft Certified Consultants, which analyzes your businesses’ requirement and then suggests the best road for the Dynamics CRM Upgrade. The team first analyzes the existing systems, which is being used by your business enterprise. And then, on the basis of the findings, our team develops a blueprint for the upgrade plan which will include various aspects like-

  • New CRM Add-On Development
  • Existing CRM Add-On Update
  • Customized Migration/Upgrade
  • Data Migration
  • Compatibility Issue Solution
  • System Compatibility Analysis


We support the following Dynamics CRM Upgrade options-

  • Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Dynamics CM 2011 Upgrade
  • Dynamics CRM 2011 to Dynamics CM 2013 upgrade
  • Dynamics CRM 2013 to Dynamics CRM 2015 upgrade

In addition, our team of experts ensures that our Dynamics CRM solutions are running properly and efficiently at your hardware systems. The team conducts an in-depth review of your existing CRM system and then identifies the changes required for an effective upgrade.

Once the road map for upgrade process is ready, we conduct a diagnostic test and system check to make sure that your system is working properly. And at the end of the upgrade process, we prepare detailed documents and reports with all the relevant details of discoveries and developments, made during the upgrade process.

We also provide round-the-clock technical support and assistance post the CRM upgrade, which allows our clients to access the latest features and functionalities of the updated CRM version.


CRM Upgrade Process:

  1. Review Process Includes review of previous process. During this we map changes required for aligning new business requirements.

  2. Diagnostic Tests Conduct diagnostic tests and System checks to ensure optimized configuration and efficiency.
  3. Documentation We prepare detailed document or report of the system optimization and upgrade process and discoveries we made during the process.


Benefits of CRM Upgrade Services

  • Leverage technology to your business growth. Stay ahead by adopting the latest technological trends and create new rules of engagement
  • Take advantage of the mobility and agility in decision making that comes with cloud technologies
  • Benefit from Resonant IT’s extensive experience in rendering enterprise solutions and cloud technologies

Resonant IT offers the most cost-effective Dynamics CRM upgrade choices with the lowest risk. You can easily access your old CRM data in the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have extensive experience in providing advanced CRM upgrade services to business enterprises and organizations, coming from diverse business sectors.

Resonant IT’s Dynamics CRM Upgrade approach includes-

  • Minimized Customization
  • Extended capabilities with minimum investment
  • Architectural optimization and review
  • Technical customization and review
  • Business process optimization and review

Planning to upgrade your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM version?

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